Planting Seeds of Change

“Food is a weapon. When you sell real weapons, you control arms. When you control food, you control society. But when you control seeds, you control life on Earth.”

In this wet, wet spring which has flummoxed many Irish farmers flummoxed in their attempts to get crops sown, the truth of this statement seems very tangible. It’s nothing new; farmers have been subject to Nature’s whims since agriculture began to develop about 12,000 years ago.

 The Seeds of Vandana Shiva will be screened at the Visual Carlow on Wednesday, 29th May. It follows the story of this world-renowned environmental thinker, science policy advocate, ecologist and activist.

It’s not easy sailing for an agricultural country like Ireland to swallow. “Industrial farming is the single biggest destructive force on the planet today,” she says, and explains that a major solution to climate change is through organic, small scale farming.

This important film is a perspective-shifting experience. Don’t miss your chance to catch it at the Visual, and join the conversation, and raffle, afterward. FREE event, booking required via

The Seeds of Vandana Shiva

Wednesday 29th May 2024 at 7.00pm

This is a free event. Raffle on the night.

Please book at: Visual Carlow:

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