What Environmental Podcasts Are We Listening To?

Environmental Podcasts

Environmental Podcasts

Are you looking for environmental podcasts to inform or entertain? With so many extreme weather related events taking place across the globe, and climate conferences such as COP 28 finally reaching the national media headlines, more people are seeking information about climate change and environmental events. Many of us are finding podcasts helpful as hosts chat to guests that include people from the worlds of business, science, communities and climate activists.

We asked our community what climate related, nature or environmental podcasts they were listening to during 2023 and into 2024 to help inform, question or entertain. Here’s a few of them listed in alphabetical order, along with some links in case you’d like to tune in. 

180 Degrees – SEAI

A podcast series that looks at the energy choices we make when it comes to transport, our homes, business and technology.


Book of Leaves

An Irish podcast where Ceara interviews business owners, activist and other everyday people, to learn how they contribute to living sustainably. By educating ourselves, we can then take a leaf from their book to add to our own way of eco-friendly living.

Podcast Episodes – Book Of Leaves (bookofleavespodcast.com)

Climate Conversations – Irish Doctors for the Environment

In Climate Conversations IDFE talk about a diverse range of inspirational people who share a deep commitment to their communities and the natural world that sustains them. Through engaging and broad reaching conversations with leading authors, scientists, activities and politicians, they discover some of the solutions to the climate and biodiversity crisis that threaten our future and learn how these solutions will create a healthier, happier and more equitable world.

Podcast – Irish Doctors for the Environment (ide.ie)

Costing the Earth – BBC Radio 4

Fresh ideas from the sharpest minds working towards a cleaner, greener planet with topics ranging from saving the microbes to water pollution solutions and the power of nature writing, lots of ideas are discussed.

BBC Radio 4 – Costing the Earth

In Your Nature – Birdwatch Ireland

The In Your Nature Podcast brings conversations about birds and wildlife, wild places, the work of Bird Watch Ireland and wildlife conservationists. The podcast features Ricky Whelan, biodiversity officer with Offaly County Council in conversation with Niall Hatch of Bird Watch Ireland, along with regular guests.


Planet Critical – Rachel Donald

Planet: Critical is the podcast for a world in crisis. We face severe climate, energy, economic and political breakdown. Journalist Rachel Donald interviews those confronting the crisis, revealing what’s really going on – and what needs to be done.

Planet: Critical | Rachel Donald | Substack (planetcritical.com)

The Climate Alarm Clock

The Climate Alarm Clock is a weekly Irish climate news podcast. Featuring the week’s climate news, interviews with experts and science and policy explainers.

The Climate Alarm Clock on Apple Podcasts

The Climate Alarm Clock | Podcast on Spotify

The Climate Question – BBC World Service

A global programme that reflects the variety of takes on climate change, how best to understand it and the world’s attempts to avert it, temper it or adapt to it. It’s not about questioning whether climate change is happening, it’s about finding the best ways to respond to it.

BBC World Service – The Climate Question

Tommy’s Outdoors

Conservation and Science is a captivating show for those with a deep interest in all facets of nature and nature conservation. This unique show is hosted by Tommy Serafinski, an outdoorsman, blogger and speaker, who has a particular interest in wildlife and human-wildlife interactions. The show presents a multitude of perspectives and viewpoints on nuanced, often difficult, and sometimes controversial, matters within the realm of conservation and sciences.

Tommy’s Outdoors: Conservation and Science | Podcast on Spotify

Tommy’s Outdoors: Conservation and Science on Apple Podcasts

Old Favourites

It’s a shame some of our old favourites have stopped for the moment.

One definitely worth a mention is Mothers of Invention with President of the Elders Mary Robinson and comedian Maeve Higgins. As Mary educated Maeve on environmental matters, they also met a host of game-changing women across the world who are fighting to save all our lives.

Mothers of Invention Podcast

Are you listening to environmental podcasts? Feel free to add suggestions in the comments.

Happy listening.

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